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Autonomy Express Search 1.0

Autonomy Express Search brings Meaning Based Computing to the corporate desktop
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Autonomy Express Search is a secure, enterprise version of the desktop search engine that integrates with all Autonomy modules making content readily and easily accessible from secure corporate networks, WorkSite, intranets, the Web and information on the desktop. From a simple, yet powerful user interface, Autonomy Express Search provides a cross-repository view of all indexed content.

Autonomy Express Search brings Meaning Based Computing to the corporate desktop, providing integrated conceptual search on both personal documents and enterprise repositories. The intuitive interface provides an enterprise-wide, cost effective application that delivers relevant information as users work through an unobtrusive toolbar or Windows Desktop Search client.

Autonomy Express Search enables universal access to all repositories regardless of location. For example, users can retrieve email across a desktop PST file, the Exchange Server or email archives. Users perform a single search across multiple repositories without regard to where the information resides.

Main Features:

- Unified Search
Autonomy Express search provides federation across all IDOL repositories, delivering a single set of search results from multiple applications and geographies.
- Advanced Syntax
The simple user interface includes powerful, advanced syntax for expert users to interactively refine their query until they get the right results.
- Results Miner
The Results Miner includes metadata context to search results that can be grouped interactively by the user for hierarchical access to large results sets.
- Implicit Query
Autonomy Express Search uses Implicit Query (IQ) to form an understanding of the information on a user's screen, and proactively link users to related information on their secure corporate network, on the web or their local machine, entirely automatically. Implicit query constantly reads the information on the user's desktop and dynamically generates links to other relevant information without the user moving off-task to search for information.
- Floating Toolbar
The Autonomy Express Search's floating toolbar delivers results to the user as they are editing a document, removing the need to switch between different applications to display relevant search results. The user can select from multiple configurable channels, examples include WorkSite, Experts and web content. Highlighting text on screen focuses the toolbar to display results relevant to the selected text.
- Active Folders
Active Folders manage and organize content proactively without the need for any manual intervention. Using contextual matching, Active Folders understand the themes within any set of data and then automatically populate the folder with shortcuts to related information, regardless of its storage location, as soon as it becomes available. Active folders can be trained by example, such as by dragging and dropping a document into the folder or by natural language query. Multiple data formats are available in a single folder, and results are downloadable for offline viewing.
- Enterprise Class Security
Autonomy is the only vendor that can scale security to large numbers of users with complex repository security. Autonomy's technology employs a unique security infrastructure, respecting the enterprise's existing security levels. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protects the security and confidentiality of all corporate assets, including internal and external communications. Autonomy Express Search employs Autonomy's mapped security, providing high-performance automatic verification against user, group and role level entitlement and advanced user authentication, including the facility for an administrator to disable a remote Active Folder if authentication is not received, for example, in the case of a stolen or lost laptop.

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